◎ Client | 项目名称:海屿火锅

◎ Design | 设计:九划品牌设计

◎ Services | 服务内容:标志设计 / IP品牌形象 / 品牌文化创建 / 产品包装


Haiyu hotpot is a restaurant mainly engaged in Seafood Hotpot. Its service tenet is to let customers eat pure Seafood Hotpot. In order to achieve this goal, every link from purchase to production is strictly controlled. The selected ingredients are fresh, and the old hot soup is stewed for more than eight hours. Here, customers can enjoy the original seafood hot pot. The environment in the store is elegant and decorated However, it is very close to the beach, customers can walk more than ten minutes to the beach and enjoy the cool sea breeze.